Hueben Steinbach

The Hueben Steinbach is located between Cernay and Vieux Thann but remains on the grounds of Steinbach.
Completely destroyed during the first world war, it was timidly replanted in the 1920s but 60% of the vineyard of the “coast 425” remained uncultivated until the consolidation of the 1970s. It is only since the 90s that the vineyard Steinbach resumed its splendor and surface of yesteryear.
The terroir of Hill 425 consists of a volcano-sedimentary formation of lower muschelkalk of very fine sandstone and ocher silts; our plots are located on this last part which gives the earth a red / pink color.
The steep slope and the south-facing exposure make it an ideal terroir for viticulture.
The wines of Hueben are full an

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