The hill of Bollenberg is located between Rouf­fach and Gueb­willer. At an altitude of 363 m it has rich soils which vary depending on the area; from Muschelkalk to late-Jurassic limestone. It is one of the biggest limestone hills and has an area of 300 hectares.

The Bollenberg region has one of the lowest levels of rainfall in Europe of between 400 and 500 mm per year. This is thanks to the shelter from the rain provided by the Grand Ballon (the apex of the Vosges) and the Vosges mountain range. The exceptional amount of sunshine provides favourable conditions for a rare type of Mediterranean flora and the proliferation of an exclusive fauna. Furthermore a large part of the hill is classed as a protected area.

Historically called Bellenberg, the name coming from God “Belen” or “Benelus”; the Celt God of Fire associated with pastoral life. The “Mont de Belen” is said to be an ancient place of sun worship

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