Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé

On a majestic hillside, with rugged and ragged south and south-east facing slopes, this Grand Cru dominates the picturesque and welcoming noble Valley which is known as Vallis Praenobilis (the highly noble valley) in ancient texts. It is located between 300 and 420 m above the village of Soultzmatt and Westhalten and covers an area of 68.40 hectares.

This raised vineyard, with a hot and arid microclimate, is in a very advantageous position; sheltered from the wind and precipitation and by virtue of its altitude it is practically the Mediterranean and Caspian flora and fauna summit.

The name “Zinnkoepfle” comes from “Sonne Koepflé” or “Sonne Arle;” the local name given to small circular marine fossils.

It is a Triassic calcareous-sandstone soil. On this predominantly Mushchelkalk terroir the Zinnkoepflé’s shell limestone and the low rainfall (270 mm during the growing season, owing to the protection from the Petit and Grand Ballon in particular) produce highly fragrant and spicy wines full of fire, especially the Gewurztraminer.

Paradoxically Riesling emerges with great finesse and in discrete harmony. Pleasant in their youth the Zinnkoepflé Grands Crus, with their extraordinaire maturing capacities, take one by surprise and are therefore naturally knows as very great vins de garde and gastronomic wines.

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